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Four Generations


The Mikailian Family’s involvement in the meat food industry began with Gabriel Mikailian, Senior (deceased). Gabriel Mikailian established the Mikailoff Meat Company in the year 1905, in the city of Rostov, Imperial Russia. The plant employed over one hundred people and produced sausage products for all of Russia and parts of Europe. Due to the communist takeover, the plant was officially confiscated and closed in 1927 by the Soviet Government.

Subsequently, Michael Mikailian managed to escape from Russia with his family. Since then, three generations of Mikailians have established and still operate various meat and other food-related plants internationally.

Although the California plant started operations in April 1984 in Valencia, the name and experience runs four generations. Since its opening, the plant has experienced a continuous increase in sales and has been successful in producing a large variety of Old World sausage products and cold cuts with the use of modern methods and techniques, but with an old-fashioned sense of duty to its customers.

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